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Senior Software Engineer


We are looking for a software engineer who is passionate about building high-quality tools. The role involves combining cutting-edge open source and proprietary technology to create fast systems, supporting tools, and scalable services. You will work closely with our developers and quants to find new ways to optimize their productivity.


  • Design, implement and manage highly scalable and efficient services on a cloud infrastructure using Kubernetes/Docker on public and private cloud

  • Understand development team needs and utilize appropriate open-source and proprietary tools to increase the efficiency of automation and productivity

  • Develop CI/CD system to make sure all of the code is well tested and deployed correctly

  • Develop, test and document existing in-house tools to improve their quality, reliability and responsiveness

  • Automating existing support workflows and designing new tools to improve quality of support


  • Required:

    • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Engineer, Math, or Physics at least 1 year of programming experience

    • Proficiency with Python

    • Thorough understanding of Linux fundamentals 

    • Deep knowledge of kubernetes and public cloud platforms like GCP, AWS

    • CI/CD frameworks such as Jenkins, CircleCI etc.

    • Strong communication skills. Our working environment is highly collaborative, and we are looking for people who can communicate effectively.

  • Experience with the following tools and technologies is a plus

    • Java and C++

    • Deep understanding of git, including development workflows on Gitlab or Github


Financial experience is not required but understanding in trading is a plus!

If you are interested or want to find out more, send us your CV at

We do note require a cover letter. However, you can provide additional information that can be helpful for us to review you application. This information includes (i) why you are interested in this position, (ii) how you heard about us, (iii) if you currently have a job, why do you want to switch?

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