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Database Engineer


We are looking for a database engineer who is passionate about building high quality database system. For us, data is everything. It flows through the whole production process and contains valuable information of how shall we adjust ourselves to survive in the business. Hence, it is necessary to have an effective and reliable database system.


  • Designing, maintaining and enhancing the performance of existing database

  • Monitoring databases and related systems to ensure optimized performance

  • Monitoring data validity and completion

  • Documenting processes related to database design, configuration, and performance

  • Keeping up to dated with developments in database engineering


  • Bachelor's degree in information systems, information technology, computer science, or similar

  • Experience in database engineering

  • In-depth knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • Experience with database technologies and architecture

  • Sound knowledge of best practices in database engineering and data security

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

  • Workable knowledge in Linux

  • Strong communication skills. Our working environment is highly collaborative, and we are looking for people who can communicate effectively

Financial experience is not required but understanding in trading is a plus!

If you are interested or want to find out more, send us your CV at

We do note require a cover letter. However, you can provide additional information that can be helpful for us to review you application. This information includes (i) why you are interested in this position, (ii) how you heard about us, (iii) if you currently have a job, why do you want to switch?

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